JAD\'s birthday

  بتاريخ  2019.09.04

From the end of August up until the beginning of September, I’m sure all of you have been plastered everywhere with the announcement of “Back to School.” But take a moment and think, is it really the time to be back to school for everyone? What if there are no schools to go back to? Could you imagine a place with virtually no schools at all? School day, which brings tingles to the bellies of children, makes them excited, and dream about is, unfortunately, a concept unfamiliar to many other children nowadays. The children I am talking about are those who other than missing out on a normal life are unjustly struggling to survive for one more day in this world. These children, who are barely living, are subjected to forced displacement from one place to another in search of a shelter that can protect them from missile attacks or weapons’ fire. They are the “Camp Children.”

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